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Toronto Private SchoolsEnrolling your child in an excellent private school is not only a means of ensuring they will receive the highest level of education possible, but it is also a way to guarantee their success in post-secondary education and future careers. Students who attend private schools are better able to cope with the next step in their education after high school. While getting into a university is important, it is vital that each student is able to succeed once they get there by applying the skills they have learned during the formative years of junior and senior high school.
Private schools focus on helping students hone their capabilities, not only in an academic sense, but also in the sense of character development. The goal is to give students the tools to effectively face future challenges and to achieve a lifestyle that is balanced between work and leisure.
Educators and Administrators
Educators and administrators of private schools go well beyond the duty of simply fulfilling their job descriptions. Each faculty member is committed to the personal success of all students. This goal is achieved through smaller class sizes that allow teachers to spend more time assessing the needs of all students. These smaller groups mean that no child is simply a face in the crowd. Teachers are able to determine where each child's strengths and weaknesses lie and can therefore effectively help each student overcome any personal learning obstacle.
Beyond this, smaller classes give students a greater opportunity to participate in class discussions, while also fostering greater confidence to ask questions and offer points of view. Teachers find that students develop stronger relationships with each other in smaller class sizes, making the classroom a more positive environment to learn in.
Well-Rounded Individuals
Education and good grades are just one aspect of the prep school experience. Toronto private schools focus not only on enhancing learning skills, but also on the development of each student becoming a well-rounded individual. The following factors are greatly emphasized in the daily curriculum:
  • Personal Responsibility;
  • Social Responsibility;
  • Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle;
  • Creative and Analytical Thinking;
  • Facing Challenges with an Open Mind; and
  • Striving for Personal Excellence.
An emphasis on personal responsibility encourages students to value the role they have with others through positive reinforcement. By focusing on the concept of accepting responsibility for one's actions at an early age, students learn important life skills with regards to their behavior and their role in society.
Private schools that also focus on the importance of social responsibility help students understand the world outside of the confines of their school. By integrating organizations, charities and fundraisers into daily school activities, participation in and awareness of social causes becomes a priority of the students.
Furthermore, students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as clubs and athletics, which helps them learn to balance leisure time with academics.
Toronto private schools are helping students fully prepare for life's challenges, resulting in the students' continued success in post-secondary schooling, future careers and other endeavors.
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